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SINGAPORE, October 21st, 2020 – The ability to transform and modernize IT infrastructure to a cloud-enabled digital infrastructure – one that runs in an autonomous fashion and deliver ubiquitous experience across different locations – will be a key strategic imperative for businesses to succeed in the Next Normal. Revenue growth and business expansion can be accelerated by tightly aligning the key tenets of digital infrastructure (technology adoption and IT governance) through the use of cloud-centric hardware and software building blocks.IDC’s CEO Agenda research in early 2020 showed that by 2025, businesses in Asia/Pacific* expect to generate 38% of their revenues from digitally enabled products, services, and customer experiences – up from 21% this year. In order to achieve business transformation goals, building a digital IT infrastructure that supports resilient operations and pervasive experiences will be the #1 priority by 27.6% of CIOs.... [View More...]