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SINGAPORE, May 22, 2020 – IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific’s latest report titled Data as an Asset: Building a Business Case for Data-to-Digital in Financial Services Institutions , explains the issue of how FSIs can build a business case for the transformation of data to make it digitally-consumable. Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) have a wealth of legacy data, but in its current state, this data is unlikely ready for various digital transformation (DX) initiatives of the enterprise. The necessary investments to achieve Data-To-Digital increases the risks of large cost over-runs. Furthermore, the business case must be compelling and credible for executives to give a greenlight on Data-To-Digital.“FSIs should build buy-in from the get-go, especially because significant resources are needed to successfully deliver Data-to-Digital at speed and scale. It is likely that Data-to-Digital will take at least several years to be completed even for the highest priority DX requirements.....

新加坡,2020年5月22日——IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific最新报告题为“数据作为资产:为金融服务机构中的数据构建商业案例到数字化”,解释了金融服务机构如何为数据转换构建商业案例,使其数字化消费的问题。金融服务机构(FSI)拥有大量的遗留数据,但在当前状态下,这些数据不太可能为企业的各种数字转换(DX)计划做好准备。实现数据数字化的必要投资增加了大量成本超支的风险。此外,该业务案例必须具有说服力和可信度,以使高管能够对数据进行绿色照明。“金融服务机构应该从一开始就进行收购,尤其是因为需要大量资源才能以速度和规模成功地将数据交付给数字。即使对于最高优先级的DX要求,将数据转换为数字数据也可能需要至少几年的时间。